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How are we doing?

This part of our website will explain how we are monitored by the Scottish Housing Regulator, how we monitor our selves and the statistics we produce to show our performance to our customers and our Board. 

Annual Return to the Charter (ARC)

Each year all Registered Social Landlords/Housing Associations submit data to the Scottish Housing Regulator outlining how we have performed in the previous year against a set of standards.  These standards are detailed in the Scottish Social Housing Charter and are published by the Scottish Housing Regulator showing performance information across the sector.

Cloch sends all tenants an Annual Report each year which includes our “Report Card” highlighting our Charter Performance.
You can view the most recent Report Card contained in our Annual Reviews.  You can also view our complete ARC submission by going to the Scottish Housing Regulators site.

Business Plan

Every 3 years, Cloch sets out its key visions and objectives for the next 3 years.  This is set out in our Business Plan.  The latest Business Plan was set out in 2017 and a summary copy of the Plan is available to view. 

The Business Plan is approved by our Board and is reviewed by them every year.

Customer Panel

Since the summer of 2017, the Association has been working with a group of volunteer customers to form a customer panel to scrutinise the work we do.

This panel is a mixture of tenants and owners and they are being helped by TIS (Tenant Information Service) who are developing their skills in areas such as mystery shopping, scrutinising contractors and policy work.  They have already been influenced by the design of our new offices and our Customer Service Standards.

If you would like to become involved, we would love to hear from you.  Please contact the office and ask for Andy Thomson our Housing Services Manager.