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Annual Reports
File Description File Size
Annual Report 2017 - 2018 PDF icon 2MB
annual report 2016-2017 PDF icon 2MB
annual report 2015-2016 PDF icon 2MB
Annual report 2014-15 PDF icon 2MB
Annual Report 2013-2014 PDF icon 606KB
Annual Report 2012-2013 PDF icon 4MB
annual report 2011-2012 PDF icon 3MB
Audited Accounts
File Description File Size
Audited Accounts 2019-2020 PDF icon 470KB
File Description File Size
Audited Accounts 2019-2020 PDF icon 470KB
Board and Senior staff expenses 2019 - 20 PDF icon 309KB
Capital Works Programme 20-21 PDF icon 643KB
CHA Pension Scheme and Members PDF icon 310KB
Pay and grading Structure 2020 PDF icon 25KB
Project Funding 2020 PDF icon 255KB
Information Leaflets
File Description File Size
Complaints Leaflet (March 2021) PDF icon 4MB
Rent Restructure Booklet PDF icon 2MB
Summary of Business Plan 2021 to 2026 PDF icon 2MB
Tenants' Handbook PDF icon 38MB
Web Portal Booklet PDF icon 2MB
File Description File Size
Cloch's Winter Newsletter December 2021 PDF icon 5MB
CCG Newsletter - King's Glen PDF icon 4MB
Your Cloch Special Edition Rent Consultation 122019 PDF icon 258KB
Factoring Newsletter Spring 2019 PDF icon 370KB
Spring Newsletter 2019 PDF icon 3MB
Winter Newsletter 2018 PDF icon 2MB
Summer Newsletter 2018 PDF icon 15MB
Spring Newsletter 2018 PDF icon 2MB
Winter Newsletter 2017 PDF icon 10MB
Summer Newsletter 2017 PDF icon 2MB
Spring Newsletter 2017 PDF icon 3MB
Winter Newsletter 2016 PDF icon 9MB
Summer Newsletter 2016 PDF icon 3MB
Spring Newsletter 2016 PDF icon 2MB
Winter Newsletter 2015 PDF icon 4MB
Summer Newsletter 2015 PDF icon 8MB
Spring Newsletter 2015 PDF icon 3MB
Wellpark Newsletter Special Edition PDF icon 7MB
File Description File Size
Abandonment Policy & Procedure PDF icon 585KB
Adaptations Policy PDF icon 363KB
Alcohol and Substance Misuse Policy PDF icon 180KB
Allocations policy PDF icon 967KB
Alterations & Improvements Policy PDF icon 527KB
Anti-Social Behaviour Policy PDF icon 405KB
Asbestos Management Policy PDF icon 573KB
Asset Management Strategy PDF icon 438KB
Assignation Policy PDF icon 84KB
Being Complained About Policy approved 2021 PDF icon 367KB
Board Induction Policy PDF icon 129KB
Board Member Recruitment Policy PDF icon 199KB
Board Members Role Description Policy PDF icon 455KB
Board Remit Policy PDF icon 371KB
Care & Repair Policy PDF icon 107KB
Chair's Role Description Policy PDF icon 449KB
Charging Policy PDF icon 343KB
Cloch Complaints Handling Procedure PDF icon 747KB
Code of Conduct - Governing Body Members PDF icon 981KB
Code of Conduct - Staff PDF icon 482KB
Construction Design and Mangement DM 2015 Policy PDF icon 166KB
Corporate Social Responsibility Strategy PDF icon 477KB
Customer Engagement Strategy PDF icon 528KB
Customer Service Standards Policy PDF icon 241KB
Data Protection Policy PDF icon 265KB
Death of Tenant Policy PDF icon 355KB
Decant Home Loss and Disturbance Policy PDF icon 481KB
Developing Young Person Strategy PDF icon 330KB
Dignity at Work Policy PDF icon 351KB
Disclosure of Interest Policy PDF icon 456KB
Document Management Strategy PDF icon 551KB
Domestic Abuse (staff) Policy PDF icon 471KB
Domestic Abuse Policy PDF icon 306KB
Donations & Sponsorship Policy PDF icon 343KB
Electrical Safety Policy PDF icon 139KB
Email and Internet Policy PDF icon 658KB
Employee Volunteering Policy PDF icon 575KB
Entitlement Payments and Benefits Policy PDF icon 799KB
Environmental Information Regulations Policy PDF icon 125KB
Equalities & Diversity Policy PDF icon 422KB
Estate Management Policy PDF icon 650KB
Expenses Policy PDF icon 424KB
Factoring Policy PDF icon 457KB
Financial Regulations Policy PDF icon 654KB
Flexi & Toil Policy PDF icon 468KB
Flexible Working Policy PDF icon 258KB
Fraud, Bribery & Corruption Policy PDF icon 272KB
Freedom of Information Policy PDF icon 549KB
Furnished Tenancy Policy PDF icon 183KB
Garages Policy PDF icon 443KB
Garden Tidy Scheme Policy PDF icon 72KB
Gas Maintenance Policy PDF icon 427KB
Handling a Serious Complaint or Grievance against the Director PDF icon 469KB
Health & Safety Policy PDF icon 537KB
Joint Audit Committee Consultation & Remit Policy PDF icon 73KB
Joint Mutual Exchange Policy PDF icon 339KB
Landlord HS&W Statement 2022 PDF icon 98KB
Legal Action & Eviction Policy PDF icon 476KB
Lift Safety Policy PDF icon 164KB
Lighting Policy PDF icon 83KB
Lodgers Policy PDF icon 81KB
Lone Working Policy PDF icon 198KB
Membership Policy PDF icon 364KB
Membership Strategy PDF icon 327KB
Minute Taking Protocol Policy PDF icon 578KB
Mortgage to Rent Policy PDF icon 70KB
Personal Relationship at Work Policy PDF icon 66KB
Privacy Notice for Customers PDF icon 578KB
Procurement Policy PDF icon 519KB
Reactive Repairs Policy PDF icon 520KB
Rechargeable Repairs Policy PDF icon 439KB
Recruitment & Selection Policy PDF icon 383KB
Registration & Funding Criteria for Registered Tenant Organisations Policy PDF icon 376KB
Remit of Finance & Corporate Services Sub Committee PDF icon 345KB
Remit of Housing & Property Services Sub Committee PDF icon 432KB
Remote and Hybrid Working Policy PDF icon 311KB
Rent Arrears Policy PDF icon 295KB
Rent Setting Policy PDF icon 488KB
Reservist Policy PDF icon 85KB
Risk Management Strategy PDF icon 467KB
Running a Business from Home Policy PDF icon 72KB
Sabbatical Policy PDF icon 184KB
Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults & Children PDF icon 78KB
Salary Sacrifice Policy PDF icon 173KB
Scheme of Delegation PDF icon 594KB
Secretary Role Description PDF icon 347KB
Service Charge Setting Policy PDF icon 418KB
Shared Ownership Policy PDF icon 371KB
Shared Parental Leave Policy PDF icon 218KB
Smoke Free Policy PDF icon 371KB
Social Media Policy PDF icon 277KB
Staff Appraisal Policy PDF icon 298KB
Staff Training and Development Policy PDF icon 364KB
Standing Orders Policy PDF icon 401KB
Stress Policy PDF icon 432KB
Sub-Letting Policy PDF icon 81KB
Succession Policy PDF icon 281KB
Treasury Management and Borrowing Policy PDF icon 464KB
Unacceptable Action Policy PDF icon 354KB
Use of Tenancy Occupancy Agreements and Leasing Policy PDF icon 109KB
Vice Chair's Role Description PDF icon 153KB
Void Management Policy PDF icon 610KB
Water Systems and Legionella Policy PDF icon 178KB
Whistleblowing Policy PDF icon 103KB
File Description File Size
Contract Register PDF icon 116KB
IFLAIR Framework Agreement PDF icon 2MB
Procurement Policy PDF icon 458KB
Procurement Strategy 2020-21 PDF icon 500KB

Freedom of Information

Cloch Housing Association comes under the Freedom of Information regulations.  You can apply to us for information on our business and environmental issues.  We have now published our Guide to Information and there are further links on this part of the website.  

Visit Guide to Information Section

Make A Stand Pledge Info

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