Our Commitments

  • Fair Work First
  • Keep Safe Scotland

Fair Work First

Cloch Housing Association is committed to upholding the principles and practices of the Scottish Government’s Fair Work First. We will continuously review and improve our work ethos, ensuring our resilient and strong workforce reflects our commitment to the principles of Fair Work First. 

Read our Fair Work First Statement

Keep Safe Scotland

Keep Safe Scotland LogoCloch Housing Association is proud to be part of Keep Safe which is a partnership developed with Police Scotland and 'I Am Me' community led charity. Keep Safe works with local businesses to create a network of safer places for disabled, elderly, and vulnerable people to go to if they are lost , scared, need help, or if they are the victim of a crime. 

Cloch is delighted to be able to offer members of our community a safe space should they need assistance. 

Below we have some useful information around the Keep Safe initiative.